• Do you know how your products and services affect people emotionally?
    You should.
    We can help.
  • Neuroscience and psychology have shown that emotions and feelings drive human behavior — and in large part nonconsciously.
  • In other words, we do what we do, we buy what we buy because our emotions and feelings tell us to.
  • We can help you with research that leads to more emotionally engaging brands, products, services and their marketing.
Paul Conner
Founder & CEO

who we are

We are a consumer research company that assesses the emotional dynamics of consumer behavior – including those that are nonconscious, via System 1.

what we do

We conduct leading-edge, behavioral-science studies that help clients develop & market emotionally engaging brands, products, and services.


Our automated, online, DIY platform for conducting implicit (System 1) and explicit (System 2) association studies.