Today marketers and marketing researchers are interested in knowing what subconscious thoughts and feelings are driving purchase of their products and services. More technically referred to as nonconscious, implicit, or System 1 forces, we offer this “easy recipe” for conducting research that provides this information! Just follow the instructions below to prepare IE Pro YOU®‘s…


These Easy-to-Prepare Studies Can Add Subconscious Influences to Your Marketing!

IE Pro YOU® studies help you market your products with the proper balance of implicit, System 1, subconscious cues & explicit, System 2, conscious messages. This butternut soup was created to explicitly convey ‘richness’ from the deep yellow color & implicitly convey ‘health’ from the large bowl (subconsciously a small portion).

Ingredient preparation time varies. Once ingredients are prepared, study set up is 1-4 hours. Data collection varies depending on sample size, but typically from several days to 1 week. Results are available immediately in real-time as data are collected.


  • 1 or more forward-thinking marketers and/or researchers
  • 3-30 “stimuli of interest” (SOIs; images of brands, products, ads, package designs, celebrities, taglines, etc.)
  • 2-20 attributes (emotions like happy, calm, bored, or angry or traits like strong, honest, ugly, or weak)
  • 1-3 outcomes questions (purchase, perceived value, purchase interest, preference, likelihood to recommend, etc.)
  • 3-10 demographics questions (optional)
  • 1 background display (blank, website, grocery cart, or scoreboard)
  • 1 sample provider
  • 100-200 targeted respondents per SOI (recommended)
  • 1 affordable subscription to IE Pro YOU®
  • Unlimited guidance from Emotive Analytics implicit association experts


  1. Go to the IE Pro YOU® Welcome Page.
  2. Set up an IE Pro YOU® account (free of charge).
  3. Set up an IE Pro YOU® study by giving it a title and a description.
  4. Upload representations of the “stimuli of interest” (SOIs) to be assessed.
  5. Submit attributes that the SOIs are to be evaluated against.
  6. Submit outcome questions that you want the SOI associations to impact.
  7. Submit demographic or other classification questions.
  8. Use the IE Pro YOU® sample size calculator to determine a sample size for the study.
  9. Select a sample provider and communicate sample specifications. (IE Pro YOU® offers preferred sample providers.)
  10. Pay for the study via one of four affordable subscription plans.
  11. Make sure survey and re-direct URLs are in place.
  12. Have the sample provider launch the survey.
  13. Collect and monitor the data as surveys are completed.
  14. Receive a table of the results, graphs of the results, and a raw data file.
  15. Savor the experience and use it to improve marketing strategies that leverage the power of subconscious influences!

Ready-to-serve immediately after Step 14. Serves entire company marketing departments and thousands, if not millions, of consumers! Here’s a finished IE Pro YOU® entrée [1]. These GENERAL ELECTRONICS results (1) inform this Marketing Strategy Brief (2) and potential result in the “Dolphin” print ad (3).

[1] For confidentiality purposes, this entrée has been adjusted from actual IE Pro YOU® results.

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