How Can A Launch Countdown Lead To More Pleasurable Use Of Your Product?

Researchers have recently found that counting down versus counting up in ways relevant to product usage (e.g., counting down from 25 to 1 versus counting up from 1 to 25 as exercise repetitions are performed with a hand gripper) results in (1) shorter perception of time using the product; (2) more positive perceptions of the product or product use experience; and (3) higher purchase or use interest. This dynamic has been explained as a result of higher arousal in counting down events and has worked only when counting down to 1 (as opposed to a higher number not naturally associated with exciting events – like rocket launches!). Suggested Action: If use of your product can involve counting that starts with 1 (or, we assume, 0), integrate counting down to 1 (or 0) into its use as opposed to counting up to a higher number.