Who Is This Man And How Can He Conceptually Impact Your Sales?

This is legendary rock-star Eddie Money. Conceptually representing his last name (i.e., money) in brand or product promotions could impact sales. How? Researchers recently found that priming people with the concept of money made them focus on and value higher-order, primary features and benefits (like the primary sound quality of a clock radio) more than lower-order, secondary features and benefits (like the secondary functionality of the clock on the same clock radio). This “higher-construal” versus “lower-construal” processing mode can help brands and products with stronger emotional positionings better compete with brands and products with stronger functional positionings. Suggested Action: Include general and subtle money references (e.g., pictures of credit cards or cash, but not specific prices) when marketing messages and executions promote higher-order end benefits and/or central, primary product features.